Canvas Paintings for Living Room in India

if you have a recently acquired a spacious residential space for yourself and your family. If you planning to accentuate your living space by getting a single or series of canvas paintings for living room, then is best to hire a reputed canvas painter.You may think a home is a one-time investment and decorating it with quality canvas painting is the best idea. Then, Murali Raman is an artist you can easily depend on, for creating an exquisite range of any type of wall canvas paintings for living room.

Asa well-known canvas painter in India, he counts some of the legendary Indian painters such as M F Husain, SH Raza and Tyeb Mehta as his inspiration; he uses his experience in art to develop canvas paintings for officeas well. A regular at numerous exhibitions across India like ‘The Pune Biennale’ in the past several years; he likes to take up challenging tasks like creating a single piece of large canvas paintings for living room that tell a story.

Adept at creating large and small canvases, he uses vivid variety of acrylics, oils,tea and ink on canvas to create wall canvas paintings. One of his specialty has been oil on stretched canvas. His art works have adorned private residences acrosscities in India, UK, South Africa and USA like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Seattle, Boise, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, London and Buffalo.

He can take responsibility of doing complete creative work for homes, offices, shops/outlets, and window displays. His favourite motifs have been elephant god Ganesha and naked human body; though he also uses landscape, animals and structures as motifs. As a reputed canvas painter, he gives his artwork, a shape at his art studio called ‘The Terribly Tiny Gallery’.

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