Commercial Art Painting for Office

Do you have an office or commercial space where you have recently moved in and are planning to decorate it with artefacts; be it art installations or  unique wall art for your office or paintings or wall murals based on different themes?

Your solution is here! Murali Raman is an artist you can depend on for creating commercial art and décor designs. He is known for using his unique, creative paintings to relate to issues that touch upon human psyche.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s versatility and capability to fuse various disciplines into art has deeply inspired him. Part of Mumbai’s School of Artists, who also counts legendary Indian painters like M F Husain, Raza and Tyeb Mehta as his inspirations, he uses his experience in art to develop creative commercial art ideas;converting them into amazingly vibrant and colourful artwork for officesand homes.

The Terribly Tiny Gallery by Murali Raman

His art studio‘The Terribly Tiny Gallery’,is the place where he uses his thoughts to create commercial paintings for office space. Your quest to find the perfect hotel art ends here.He has created a variety of art installations not just in wood and fiberglass, but also in fabric and scrap metal for use as office art and restaurant art. His ability to work wonders with contemporary concepts that are in line with the ethos of a corporate house; make him the ‘go to’ artist to create art for offices.

His years of experience working in the advertising field where he has worked with corporate houses, gave him the ability to understand the nitty-gritties that go into creating beautiful paintings for commercial style rooms. As a commercial artist he not only creates one-off artwork, he can also work on creating full wall art collection for your business.He’s always motivated to make a difference; get in touch with him to find artwork for any office.

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