Tamasamo Jyotirgamaya – Giant Wall Mural by Murali Raman

From the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Knowledge.

Shree Ram Welfare Society School in Andheri West has, in the process of inspiring teachers, parents and especially students., created a landmark in yhus premier suburb of Mumbai.

A 53 ft high wall mural that is 30 feet across draws immediate attention to the school even to passers-by on the main stretch of this leafy by-lane. Conceived and executed by Artist Murali Raman and his team from The Terribly Tiny StudyO,
this visual metaphor has a simple story to relate.

The layered narratives here – the kids determinedly climbing up the wall of a huge notebook and pulling down the page to reveal the brilliant light of knowledge is parallel to the dark, confused, ignorant, state of mind giving way to a glorious dawn in a radiant sky…and the brilliant sun dispels all fears, imparts knowledge and gives confidence.

The role of parents and teachers is also shown.

The treatment is a stylized ode to this artist’s  favourite legendary master – Vincent Van Gogh.

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